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AROUND Camp Taringatura

An Adventure inviting Venue! Camp Taringatura holidays are the best!

If you are travelling solo or with others, you will meet friends and have a jolly time with us!  They say the days seem longer out here - and they are!

In Summer it is daylight until around 11pm

Ha! What to do first in the morning? There are so many cool things! Step out the door and you will be at the  beautiful fishing hatcherie Dipton stream, take a picknick basket of goodies and a blanket. If you skip across our neighboring farm you will be thrilled to find yourself at the Oreti river.  Its real good jet boating, swimming with rubber tyres or try your luck and catch some fish to put on the barby!

The Oreti River is a popular boating and fishing spot and just 9 kms down the road is a boat launching ramp.




Four-wheel driving

From windswept beaches, Podocarb Forests, snow-capped mountains, rolling green hills and  fields covered with wildflower blooms. New Zealand has a wealth of backdrops and a range of experienced operators to make your riding excursion an exhilarating one. Experience native wildlife, and natural history from the saddle.

There is a fenced paddock at the Camp where you can let your horse graze. 



The breathtaking scenery throughout the Southland really comes to life when taken in on foot. From the Taringatura hills to the .....there are plenty of hiking and bushwalking trails for visitors of all fitness levels. All-weather boots and

a raincoat are a necessity! 


To ride your bike in the near by Taringatura Forest is an amazing experience for your senses - and a safe way to test your condition. 


Discover New Zealands rivers, lakes and waterways from a canoe or kayak. Nature pure! Explore remote areas of wilderness not accessible by road or foot. It is some hundred meters from Camp Taringatura to the Oreti river.The Oreti River is one of the main rivers of Southland, New Zealand, and is 170 kilometres in length.

Nearby is Castle Rock. Access onto the private property can be arranged.(It is a 25 min drive) About 50 trails are waiting to be conquered!

Some  have only a single top bolt anchor, Grades are 12 to 23, Cliff Heights 5 to about 25 m and the Rock Type is limestone. Protection - Fixed (Bolts).

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4X4 driving

Along the beach - Cross country into the bush - through rivers and streams  

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